It’s Time to be Excited for ‘Tammy’

Thought I'd use the new TV spot for “Tammy,” the new Melissa McCarthy romp out July 2, as an excuse to remind everyone why this movie is so damn exciting.

-McCarthy's first three listed costars are Susan Sarandon, Kathy Bates, and Allison Janney. That is my magi.

-Dan Aykroyd is in this. Weeeee!

-Melissa McCarthy CO-WROTE THIS MOVIE. This means she's reciting dialogue that is up to her standards. This means we are not in for “Identity Thief II.”

-Her cowriter is her husband Ban Falcone, that man who sleeeeew us as the shifty air marshal in “Bridesmaids.” He also directed the movie. These are people who are in charge of their own voices. 

-MELISSA. Looks like we'll be getting a movie full of that character she threw us on “SNL,” the randy officemate who swivels over and invades your space. Perfect.