Jennifer Lawrence dislocated her toe during the ‘Hunger Games’ publicity tour

It seems like Jennifer Lawrence and her “Hunger Games” co-stars have been everywhere to promote the new movie (out now!), and that's because they kind of have: China, Spain, England, Germany, France, Los Angeles and New York, all in the space of two weeks.

So you can understand why they might complain about a lack of sleep. Liam Hemsworth noted on “Jimmy Kimmel Live” the other day that out of the 24 hours he spent in Beijing, he only managed to sleep for three and half of them, and had nightmares that made him cry. And Jennifer Lawrence went on “Conan” last night to say that the tour was “exhausting” and “they pushed this show pony too far.”

As proof, she sent over a video of herself celebrating the opportunity to get a full 12 hours of sleep during the tour, doing a dance that kind of resembles a beetle's death throws. It's not clear if this is a pre-sleep or post-sleep celebration, but she's obviously very excited about it, to the point where she somehow dislocated one of her toes in the process.