John Williams wins five awards from International Film Music critics

The International Film Music Critics Association has offered up the final precursor awards announcement of the season as we head into the weekend, which will bring the Independent Spirit Awards and, finally, the Oscars.

John Williams had a great day, it turns out. The famed composer netted seven nominations two weeks ago and won in five of those categories, proving, in case you didn’t know, that film music critics really like John WIlliams.

His work on Steven Spielberg’s “War Horse” earned awards for Film Score of the Year, Best Original Score for a Drama Film and Film Music Composition of the Year for the track “The Homecoming,” while “The Adventures of Tintin” won in the animated field. And just for good measure, Williams grabbed the Film Composer of the Year honor, too.

The year’s expected Oscar winner, Ludovic Bource, won the Breakout Composer of the Year award for his work on “The Artist,” while Michael Giacchino won in the fantasy/sci-fi/horror department for “Super 8” (after racking up three nominations himself).

I wonder, though, while everyone is busy conceding this to Bource, could this be an upset possibility in two days? I’ve honestly been thinking “War Horse” could wind up with a few Oscars when all is said and done, with cinematography, the sound fields and original score being real possibilities.

In any case, check out the full list of winners below. And once again, remember to keep track of all the ups and downs of the 2011-2012 film awards season via The Circuit.

Film Score of the Year: “War Horse” (John Williams)

Film Composer of the Year: John Williams

Breakout Composer of the Year: Ludovic Bource

Best Original Score for a Drama Film: “War Horse” (John Williams)

Best Original Score for a Comedy Film: “The Rum Diary” (Christopher Young)

Best Original Score for an Action/Adventure/Thriller Film: “Drive” (Cliff Martinez)

Best Original Score for a Fantasy/Science-Fiction/Horror Film: “Super 8” (Michael Giacchino)

Best Original Score for an Animated Feature: “The Adventures of Tintin” (John Williams)

Best Original Score for a Documentary Feature: “The Wind Gods” (Pinar Toprak)

Film Music Composition of the Year: “War Horse” – “The Homecoming” (John Williams)

Best Archival Release of an Existing Score: The Danny Elfman & Tim Burton 25h Anniversary Music Box

Best Archival Re-Recording of an Existing Score: “The Battle of Neretva”/”The Naked and the Dead” (Bernard Herrmann)

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