The ‘Solo’ Trailer Gets Mashed Up With The Lowest Moment In ‘Star Wars’ Gaming History

In 2012, gaming was nearing the end of its flirtation with that generation’s rudimentary motion controls with the official shark jump being Kinect Star Wars. Riding off a wave of Just Dance (the dancing version of Guitar Hero) popularity, Kinect Star Wars shoe-horned in the Galactic Dance-Off mode in an attempt to elevate the game’s mediocre lightsaber and force wielding with another crucial feature on the space opera — choreographed dance.

Galactic Dance-Off ranks up there with the Star Wars Christmas Special as one of the strangest things the Star Wars franchise has ever agreed to be a part of, and now this dark piece of history has bled into Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s trailer. YouTuber Shooptube has taken the “iconic” “I’m Han Solo” song from Star Wars Kinect and placed it over the Solo trailer, which works in a disturbing, catchy way.

If you’d like more background, here’s Han’s unedited performance for Lando Calrissian from the game, which takes place, according to the lyrics, after Solo was frozen in carbonite. If this took place before The Empire Strikes Back, it would be the strangest bit of foreshadowing in modern cinematic history. As it’s presented here, it’s a bizarre epilogue to the original trilogy in which Calrissian insists that Han return to Cloud City for a dance-off because he’s “always looking for new talent.”

Please, sing along to the full lyrics (transcribed by NerdReactor):

I’m feeling like a star,
You can’t stop my shine.
I’m lovin’ Cloud City,
My head’s in the sky.

I’m solo, I’m Han Solo.
I’m Han Solo.
I’m Han Solo, Solo.

Yeah, I’m feelin’ good tonight,
Finally feelin’ free and it feels so right, oh.
Time to do the things I like,
Gonna see a Princess, everything’s all right, oh.
No Jabba to answer to,
Ain’t a fixture in the palace zoo, no.
And since that carbonite’s off me,
I’m livin’ life now that I’m free, yeah.

Told me to get myself together,
Now I got myself together, yeah.
Now I made it through the weather,
Better days are gonna get better.
I’m so happy the carbonite is gone,
I’m movin’ on.
I’m so happy that it’s over now,
The pain is gone.

I’m puttin’ on my shades
to cover up my eyes.
I’m jumpin’ in my ride,
I’m heading out tonight

I’m solo, I’m Han Solo.
I’m Han Solo.
I’m Han Solo, Solo.

I’m pickin’ up my blaster,
Put it on my side,
I’m jumpin’ in my Falcon,
Wookie at my side.

I’m solo, I’m Han Solo.
I’m Han Solo.
I’m Han Solo, Solo.


(Via ComicBook)