An All-Female Spinoff Will Be Part Of Sony’s Expansion Of Its ‘Spider-Man’ Universe


All things Spider-Man-related are everywhere, it seems, at Marvel Studios and at Sony, and perhaps Disney/Marvel’s Infinity War Thanos snap has caused the teenage webslinger’s appeal to explode even more than for previous generations. On the Sony-affiliated side of the web, the studio recently let slip the 2020 release dates for what will likely be a Venom sequel and a non-sequel that’s probably Morbius, The Living Vampire, and it turns out that the studio isn’t messing around while lining up direct Spidey titles as well. Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse — the film that introduces Miles Morales to Peter Parker, Spider-Gwen, and several other Spider-People — doesn’t even swing into theaters until December 14, but Sony’s already announcing a sequel and a spin-off.

Make that an “all female spin-off.” Yes, it looks like the DCEU’s Harley Quinn and friends aren’t the only all-lady ensemble leading their own picture. Details are scarce, but possible character names are popping up for inclusion:

Details for the sequel are not being revealed but seeds have been planted in the upcoming inaugural outing, in which the mixed race character Miles Morales takes center stage.

For the all-female spinoff, no plot details are sticking on the web at this time but look for the project to center on fan-favorite Spider-Gwen. Spider-Woman, Madame Web, Spider-Girl and Silk are other possible contenders.

So many Spider-Folks! Seriously and truly, did Thanos’ genocidal ways (which, let’s face it, shall mostly be reversed) work plenty of good for other universes as well? Yes, Spider-Man has always been popular with teenagers, who identify with his particular struggles, but once Tom Holland improvised his most infamous utterance — “Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so well” — the box-office potential for anything Spider-Man related has grown more golden-silky than usual. Even Josh Brolin, who played Thanos, knew that his biggest moment held massive ramifications, and as a wise man once stated in a comic book, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” Or something like that.

(Via Hollywood Reporter)