Tommy Wiseau’s Performance As The Joker Is Appropriately Bizarre, And Actually Quite Gripping

Tommy Wiseau is one of those amorphous blobs of entertainment that’s become ever-more powerful after the success of The Disaster Artist. Wiseau has made his way to the stage (and only the stage) at the Emmys, he’s starring in a sci-fi romance flick, and he has a two-part movie with his The Room co-star and former roommate Greg Sestero on the horizon. Now, Nerdist put him in Joker makeup for some reason. This weird, sunglassed blob, he’s beginning to consume everything.

There are various camps in this whole Tommy Wiseau fandom thing. Some think The Room is ironically genius, many are just fans of Rifftrax and MST3K, but most all respect the guy for actually going out there and laying it all on the line, even if what was laid out was an incoherent mess of unintentional hilarity. But there’s one thing everyone has to admit: the guy is genuine.

It’s this earnest want to be great that seems to make Wiseau actually great in his own way. Yes, he’s terrible in The Room but as the Joker, he presents a maniacal and unpredictable villain that checks all the boxes:

Weird? Yes.

Scary? Kinda, yeah.

A clown prince that can lash out at any moment? Very much so.

You don’t know if this Joker is going to laugh, cry, scream, or make a quiet joke that doesn’t land. It’s perfect. If anything, making The Joker more Tommy Wiseau is what the character needs on-screen, rather than a forehead tattoo and a Ferrari.

(Via Nerdist)