‘True Grit’s’ Jeff Bridges wants to know what happened to ‘Starman’

12.21.10 8 years ago 5 Comments

It’s hard to believe, but Jeff Bridges might be approaching…overexposure.  Like Betty White, the acting legend has been a consistent presence for the past 12 months. First, running the awards season train to his long-awaited first Academy Award for “Crazy Heart.”  And, most recently, as part of the massive publicity machine for “Tron Legacy.”  Somewhere in-between, Bridges found the time to star in the Coen Bros. new adaptation of Charles Portis’ novel “True Grit.”  Moviegoers should always be so lucky.

Playing the iconic role of Rooster Cogburn, a memorable character that gave John Wayne his first acting Oscar, Bridges has seemingly pulled off the impossible.  Not only has he created something completely original, but Bridges turn surpasses his work in “Heart” and may be one of the finest performance of his career.  Really.

HitFix’s own Melinda Newman had the opportunity to sit down with Bridges earlier this month and with another spectacular picture on his resume, the actor/musician/photographer was in a very jovial mood.  Bridges revealed his new album, a collaboration with “Heart” producer T. Bone Burnett, will be out next year on Blue Note Records and, more intriguingly, Bridges took Newman’s question on what other roles he might want to return to quite seriously.

“The Dude would be nice, I don’t think that’s in the cards,” Bridges ponders about the beloved “Big Lebowski” figure.  “‘Starman,’ what happened there?  That’s kind of set up. Y’know Karen Allen is preggers. She’s got that little ball and stuff.  What’s up with that? Y’know what I mean?”

Yes we do, Mr. Bridges.  Yes we do.  And as for overexposure?  Forget we ever mentioned it.  We hope you return next awards season too.

“True Grit” opens nationwide tomorrow.  Don’t miss it.

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