Watch: Film Nerd 2.0 revs up for a big October with two special ‘E.T.’ videos

Toshi saw “E.T.” when he was too young to process it.

I wasn’t the one who showed it to him.  It was while he was away in Argentina with his mom for six months.  There were only six movies at the house where they were staying, and “E.T.” dubbed into Spanish was one of them.  And during that six months, while he was going nuts from lack of things to watch, “E.T.” became a mainstay.  My wife says it must have been played at least 20 times, but this summer, when we were talking about the film, I realized that he remembers none of it.

Allen also felt like he had a handle on the film, and when I asked him what he knew about the movie, he told me, “That’s the movie about the guy who is from outer space and he poops candy.”  I feel like that’s not entirely accurate.

The Blu-ray showed up here at the house between my trips to Toronto and Austin, and both of the boys were eager to see the movie again.  We haven’t done that yet, but it’s on the agenda for October.  In the meantime, while I was gone on my second trip, Universal invited us to participate in a special “E.T.” press day, and I talked to my wife about her taking the boys since I wouldn’t be back in time.

Today, we’ve got the videos from that press day.  The first is embedded at the top of this story, and it features Toshi saying good-bye to E.T.  Then below, you’ll see Allen in the same scene.  Since they haven’t seen the film yet, I don’t think they fully understood what they were supposed to do, but the videos came out really well anyway.  I love that after they’ve seen the film, we’re going to be able to look at these videos again and they’re going to mean something totally different to them. 

There are a lot of Film Nerd articles coming this month.  We’ve got a very special one on Friday, which is Global Bond Day, a celebration of James Bond worldwide, and I’ve got a special horror-themed Film Nerd on the way as well.  We’ve also finally finished the “Back To The Future” series, and I can’t wait to share that experience with you.  All that plus “E.T.” as well?  What a great month there is ahead.  Consider these videos just a tease of what we’ve got coming soon.

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