Arlo Parks Enlists Unknown Mortal Orchestra To Create A Fresh Remix Of ‘Too Good’

Arlo Parks shared a video for her latest Collapsed In Sunbeams single “Too Good” earlier this month, and now she’s back with another spin on the track. This time, she got Unknown Mortal Orchestra to remix the song. The rework doesn’t stray too far from the spirit of the original track, although the new version is slightly more psychedelic.

Parks says of the remix, “I’ve been moved by Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s sonic palette and gorgeous approach to simplicity for years now. It’s an honor to have them remix ‘Too Good’ and bring such a sweet sense of intimacy to the song.” Unknown Mortal Orchestra also wrote on Twitter, “this song was already real good but i remixed it anyway and its real nice.”

Parks also previously told Apple Music of the original song, “I did this one with Paul Epworth in one of our first days of sessions. I showed him all the music that I was obsessed with at the time, from ’70s Zambian psychedelic rock to MF DOOM and the hip-hop that I love via Tame Impala and big ’90s throwback pop by TLC. From there, it was a whirlwind. Paul started playing this drumbeat, and then I was just running around for ages singing into mics and going off to do stuff on the guitar. I love some of the little details, like the bump on someone’s wrist and getting to name-drop Thom Yorke. It feels truly me.”

Meanwhile, Parks will be wrapping up the year with a sold-out headlining tour before joining Clairo for some shows in early 2022.

Listen to “Too Good (Unknown Mortal Orchestra Remix)” above.

Collapsed In Sunbeams is out now via Transgressive. Get it here.