Hear Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s Buzzy New Bit Of Psych-Pop, ‘Weekend Run’

One of the best psych-pop bands in recent memory, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, have graced us with a new weekend anthem just in time for, you know, the glorious two-day break that makes all this striving worth it. Remember, Ruban Nielson has the range to go from 2018’s expansively funk Sex & Food to the headier and harderIC-01 Hanoi in the span of one year, but this is the first new solo single from the band since that year.

Still, it isn’t like Nielson has been resting on his laurels, he’s featured on collaborations with the likes of Amine, and has also remixed tracks for other artists like Soccer Mommy and Westerman. But UMO fans will be more than satisfied with this buzzy new track from the band, it fits perfectly in with their past oeuvre while building into a technicolor bloom of psych-pop that’s ideal for a post-pandemic weekend chill out. “At the end of the day I don’t take for granted that I have the perfect job,” Nielson said of the song. “I truly work to make music that will set someone’s day right and I think that shines through on ‘Weekend Run.”

Check out the new song above and look out for more new music hopefully coming soon.