Beabadoobee Celebrates Moments Of Joy And Love In Her New Video For ‘Glue Song’

Beabadoobee is not one to shy away from emotion. As many of her detail poignant accounts of living with anxiety, her latest effort sees her basking in love. On her new single, “Glue Song,” Beabadoobee is in a state of pure bliss, celebrating the joy of falling in love.

“I’ve never known someone like you / Tangled in love stuck by you / From the glue / Don’t forget to kiss me / Or else you’ll have to miss me
I guess I’m stuck forever / By the glue, oh, and you,” sings Beabadoobee over gentle strings, making the song feel all the more romantic.

In the song’s accompanying video, Beabadobee is seen in her homeland, the Philippines, as she spends time riding around the city, enjoying meals and sharing laughs with her family, and embracing intimate moments with her boyfriend.

“I wrote a lot of this song while on tour across Australia and Asia in the back of cars and traveling,” said Beabadoobee in a statement. “It’s a heartfelt song that means a lot to me…. A love song and the first one I’ve written in my new relationship. I usually write these songs that are sad, in the past with my writing even when it doesn’t sound sad looking back, the lyrics usually have been. For the first time this is just me being really happy. I’m in a really positive place for the first time in a long time and feeling love. We recorded the song with my guitarist and producer Jacob in his house and added in trumpets and strings. This song feels really personal and I went to my hometown in Ilo Ilo to film the music video. It’s where I was born and so that also added another personal touch to the song.”

You can watch the video for “Glue Song” above.