Beabadoobee Appreciates Nature In Her Retro-Tinged ‘Sunny Day’ Video

Beabadoobee’s sophomore album Beatopia is out today, following her crashing debut Fake It Flowers. Along with the release of this collection of new songs is a music video for the breezy track “Sunny Day.”

“‘Sunny Day’ is a song that I’ve always wanted to make but something that I’ve never done before,” the singer said in a statement. “Putting it on Beatopia was quite nerve-wracking for me but I’m glad I did. We had written it during a week of crazy productivity in terms of creating songs. I had a session with Starsmith and the song just flowed naturally. I love it.”

Her first single for the album had been “Talk,” about which she said, “I wrote ‘Talk’ just after my first album. I was obsessed with Tuesday because I thought it was the best night to go out, not too much chaos but just enough to have a good time. Generally, it’s about doing things that aren’t necessarily healthy or great for you, but you can’t help indulging. It’s like that unavoidable feeling that you get. You can’t get rid of it, and you know it’s bad, but you love it really, and its whatever, so you do it anyways.”

Watch the video for “Sunny Day” above.