What Is Beabadoobee’s Setlist Of Songs For ‘The Beatopia Tour?’

Beabadoobee is out on the road now, bringing her latest album Beatopia to life. The tour — which is one of the most anticipated ones of this fall — kicked off on October 25th, in Washington DC, and it will take her across the US, into Canada, and then back to the East Coast in December. Joining her is Lowertown, an indie duo from Atlanta.

The setlist features a good chunk of Beatopia as well as her debut Fake It Flowers. About the newer record, she previously said, “It’s a lot of different vibes. There’s not one song that sounds the same as the others. I’ve been really getting into a band called Stars, and I’ve always loved Stereolab as well. I’ve been working with my guitarist Jacob and using a lot of teenage engineering, drum machines, mixtures of guitars. It’s been really fun. I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounds very 2006 [laughs]. I feel like this new album is what I am meant to sound like.”

Check out the average setlist below.

1. “Worth It”
2. “Together”
3. “Care”
4. “Charlie Brown”
5. “He Gets Me So High”
6. “10:36”
7. “Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene”
8. “The Perfect Pair”
9. “See You Soon”
10. “Sorry”
11. “She Plays Bass”
12. “Talk”
13. “Back to Mars”
14. ‘Coffee”
15. “Last Day on Earth”
16. “Dye It Red”
17. “Cologne”