David Byrne And Mitski’s ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ Song Gets The Multiverse Treatment

If you haven’t seen A24’s mind-blowing multiversal adventure Everything Everywhere All At Once, don’t worry: Somewhere out there, there’s a version of you that has, and they enjoyed it immensely. To celebrate the film’s unexpected success — it’s got a near-perfect 97 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, and has reduced plenty of packed houses to tears while becoming a box office smash — A24 has shared a “musical multi-verse microsite” bearing a reimagining of “This Is A Life,” the film’s unofficial theme song by David Byrne, Mitski, and Son Lux.

Powered by AI company Bronze, the new site reflects the film’s theme of how a singular entity can exist in infinite parallel realities. The machine learning behind the site changes the song subtly — or dramatically — on each listening, resulting in a completely new experience every time. For instance, the first time I hit play, the song started strong with David Byrne’s vocals first. The second time, it was very downbeat, leading with Mitski’s voice. Meanwhile, in future listenings, it could be all instrumental, or the instruments could change arrangements.

Unfortunately, there’s no telling which version is from the universe with the hot dog fingers (again, go see the movie). But being able to imagine that there are infinite universes where the song sounds different in each one is a cool way to connect the already enigmatic and enjoyable soundtrack with the high-low concept of the film it accompanies.

You can listen to the original version of the song above and check out the microsite here.