Grimes Stood Up To ‘The Most Bizarre Criticism’ Of Her And Elon Musk’s Son’s Name, X AE A-XII

Grimes and Elon Musk have three kids together, with their oldest being named X AE A-XII. That’s not exactly a common name for a person, but there’s one criticism about it that Grimes just doesn’t get and she recently addressed it on X (formerly Twitter),

It started when Grimes saw a tweet introducing a product that functions as an always-on microphone that allows users to play back what they say at all times, as well as ask an AI model questions about whatever audio the device captured. Grimes doesn’t seem to be a fan of the product, as she tweeted, “I feel like a lot of the people making this stuff have either never been in an abusive relationship or don’t have kids and aren’t thinking of the impact constant surveillance has on child development.”

An X user replied, “That’s funny coming from you Claire did you name your kid something that humans can’t even pronounce? How’s that gonna go down for him when he’s in school? Why did you feel like you need to make a comment on this? Bored?” To that, Grimes responded, “This is the most bizarre criticism. He loves his name and mostly ppl think it’s cool. X men etc. x is popular at school lol. Also, I don’t wanna say his friends names cuz they’re civilians but most millenials named their kids weird names – not just me.”