Grimes Endures A Whole Lot Of Torture During Her Appearance On ‘The Eric Andre Show’

Brushing off the risks and immediate dangers that were at hand, Grimes brought her talents to a recent episode of The Eric Andre Show. The singer appeared on the show on Sunday, one that premiered on Adult Swim and was filmed when Grimes was still pregnant with her and Elon Musk’s child, X AE A-XII. During a skit entitled “Grimes And Punishment,” the singer was subjected to a trio of torturous activities which included being tickled by a feather, having melted wax put on her feet, and getting “cheeseboarded” with liquid cheese by Kraft Punk.

In an interview with Complex, Eric Andre revealed how got Grimes to guest appear on the show. “I explained to her, it’s because we always torture the musical guest,” he said. “I’m always beating them with bats or electrocuting them, so it’s not a good look if I’m like torturing a woman. And she goes, ‘Yeah, that makes sense but I wanna do the show. F*ck it, you can torture me!’” Andre also says that he learned that Grimes was pregnant on-set as they filmed the episode. “I was like, ‘You just talked me into torturing a pregnant woman,’” he said. “And she was like, ‘Yeah, but it was f*cking awesome!’”

After the clip was shared on Twitter, Grimes reposted it with a message that read, “Thanks @ericandre for letting me get tortured on the show!”

You can watch the “Grimes And Punishment” segment in the video above.