How Long Has Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’ Been On The ‘Billboard’ 200 Chart?

Pink Floyd is one of the most influential bands of all time. Since their debut in 1965, the group has challenged musical composition standards and genre boundaries. All while perfecting the art of storytelling through their lyrics. Of the band’s lengthy discography, their 1973 album The Dark Side Of The Moon remains the most revered. In fact, last year, as the groundbreaking album celebrated its 50th anniversary, the former No. 1 album made the top 20 list of best-selling vinyl albums.

Now, after conservatives raged out about the album’s cover art, new music fans are looking into the history of the album. One of the most asked questions is how long has Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side Of The Moon been on the Billboard 200 chart. According to Billboard, the album remained on its charts for a whopping 972 weeks (roughly over 18 years). The album peaked for one week at No. 1, beginning on March 17, 1973. The album was originally released on March 1, 1973.

The album produced two singles, “Money” and “Us and Them.” While, “Us and Them,” did not formally chart, “Money” did. The song, which was released on February 4, 1974, ahead of the album, peaked at 13 on the Billboard 100 chart. The song went on to spend 15 weeks on the chart.

What a run.