Jack Antonoff’s Beatles Cover With Bleachers Has Left Music Fans Questioning The Idea Of Music In General

Earlier this month, Jack Antonoff won Producer Of The Year, Non-Classical at the 2023 Grammys. He became the first producer to claim the category in back-to-back years since Greg Kurstin did so in 2017-18.

The impressive feat — nor all of his Taylor Swift equity — didn’t protect him from savage reactions to his and Bleachers’ cover of The Beatles’ “A Hard Day’s Night,” posted by @BeatlesEarth on Tuesday, February 21.

The two-minute video finds Antonoff and his bandmates on a moving bus while performing the 1964 title track of The Beatles’ multi-platinum-certified album, including a saxophone solo.

Most everybody on the internet was less than impressed, to say the least. Music journalist Gita Jackson tweeted, “Jack Antonoff is my enemy.”

Patrick Lyons echoed Jackson. “The past week is a perfect microcosm of the Jack Antonoff experience: he does incredible work on [Lana Del Rey’s] “a&w” and barely gets praised for it, then drops the most cringe Beatles cover in history and people can’t stop talking about him,” Lyons tweeted.

Another Twitter user asserted possibly the most cutting insult one can receive: “Jack Antonoff is doing a poor job of convincing me he doesn’t have zero sauce.”

Ouch. Let’s hope, for Jack’s sake, he stays off of Twitter. But the rest of you can view some of the reactions below.