Julia Jacklin Shares The ’70s Folk Suavité Of ‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’

Julia Jacklin is gearing up to release one of our most anticipated indie albums of the summer in Pre Pleasure. Out on August 26th, it’s the Aussie singer-songwriter’s follow-up to the wildly successful Crushing. Early singles like “I Was Neon” and “Lydia Wears A Cross” show Jacklin venturing into electronic drums as much as the organic sound that she’s used in her already prolific career. Now on “Love, try Not To Let Go,” Jacklin sinks into a ’70s folk-style groove.

Her soft vocals are a salve as she ranges up gracefully with the drums picking up in the song’s rising tension. But it’s the moments where she settles into a grassy piano and lead guitar riff that sees her at her finest.

“‘Love, Try Not To Let Go’ was written one night during the recording period in my apartment in Montreal,” Jacklin said in a statement. “It’s the first song I’ve ever written fully on piano. It’s the first time I’ve played piano on a record. I thought someone better would redo the take but we kept it so now I’m officially a pianist. We recorded it the next day. I made everyone watch the running scene from Rocky beforehand.”

Watch the video for “Love, Try Not To Let Go” above.

Pre Pleasure is out 8/26 via Polyvinyl Record Co. Pre-order it here.