The Most Anticipated Indie Albums Of Summer 2022

The unofficial-but-widely-acknowledged “song of the summer” will probably come from one of the upcoming tentpole pop or hip-hop albums, which is terrific for people who enjoy that sort of thing. (That group includes this indie-focused music writer, by the way: Being a hate-filled music snob, who reflexively derides or ignores popular music due to an unfounded sense of intellectual and aesthetic superiority, is outdated and much less fun than just letting yourself like things. But, I digress.)

However, as modern technology allows more music to be created and shared every day and our once-monoculture continues to splinter, not everybody is listening to all the same things. Consequently, your personal “song of the summer” might come from one of the many terrific indie albums set for release in the next few months.

If that prospect sounds exciting, here’s a good place to start your search for the new music you’ll soon obsess over: We’ve sorted through this summer’s (which, for our purposes, runs from June 21 to September 22) upcoming releases and chosen the 10 albums then we’re most looking forward to, records that we think you should anticipate, too. So, in chronological order, here they are:

Soccer Mommy — Sometimes, Forever

Soccer Mommy sometimes, forever
Soccer Mommy

Release Date: June 24

Soccer Mommy isn’t on social media much these days, which gave her plenty of time to finish work on a new album, Sometimes, Forever. Sophie Allison has come a long way from the bedroom artist she started as, but that’s not a sound she’s completely left behind on the new LP, as evidenced by a song like “Bones.” She did get Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin to produce the album, though, so there’s definitely some boundary breaking here, like on the dark and experimental “Unholy Affliction.”

Metric — Formentera

Metric Formentera
Metric Music International

Release Date: July 8

For two decades now, Metric has been one of Canada’s premier indie-rock groups and they’re still impressive: We loved their last album, 2018’s Art Of Doubt. Now, it’s time to look forward to their eighth LP, Formentera. It appears they’re going all out on this one, if you’re judging based on the single “Doomscroller,” a sweeping, 10-minute, industrial-inspired rocker that’s a real trip.

Beabadoobee — Beatopia

Beabadoobee Beatopia
Dirty Hit

Release Date: July 15

Before Beatopia was officially announced, Beabadoobee said of the album, “I don’t know how to explain it, but it sounds very 2006,” adding, “I feel like this new album is what I am meant to sound like.” So far, the sound of one of our most promising young artists finding her voice has been fantastic. As for the voice she’s found, it’s a multifaceted one, as songs like the rocking “Talk” and the more reserved and lush “See You Soon” demonstrate.

Black Midi — Hellfire

Black Midi Hellfire
Rough Trade

Release Date: July 15

With their 2019 debut Schlagenheim, Black Midi established themselves as one of the most both confounding and intriguing UK rock forces in some time: Their general sound isn’t exactly pop-level accessible, but if you can unpack it, there’s a whole world worth exploring. Now they’re onto their third album, and they’re still keeping things weird, but singles like “Welcome To Hell” are more hospitable than the band’s more off-kilter offerings.

Interpol — The Other Side Of Make-Believe

Interpol The Other Side Of Make-Believe

Release Date: July 15

Since their era-defining 2002 debut album Turn On The Bright Lights, Interpol has kept consistent with dropping new albums, usually every four years or so. Well, right on schedule, after four years away, The Other Side Of Make-Believe is dropping soon. Based on advance singles like “Something Changed” and “Toni,” the new LP will be another fine demonstration of the moody post-punk the band has continually delivered on a — to re-use an adjective from earlier to tie this blurb together — consistent basis.

Jack White — Entering Heaven Alive

Jack White Entering Heaven Alive
Third Man Records

Release Date: July 15

If you’re the kind of person who can’t get enough Jack White, then 2022 may be the best year of your life. He’s already released an album this year, Fear Of The Dawn, and in just a few weeks, his second 2022 LP, Entering Heaven Alive, will be here. It doesn’t feel like White is being productive for productivity’s sake, either, as singles like the Zeppelin-esque “If I Die Tomorrow” justify White’s release volume.

Julia Jacklin — Pre Pleasure

Pre Pleasure Julia Jacklin
Julia Jacklin

Release Date: August 26

Starting as a favorite in the vibrant Australian music scene with her 2016 debut album Don’t Let The Kids Win, Jacklin has steadily been expanding her influence. 2019’s Crushing saw Jacklin earn more acclaim outside of her home country, and now she’s continuing her artistic journey with her upcoming third album. While she’s historically been more indebted to things like acoustic guitar, Jacklin seems to be stepping outside of her box with satisfying results, if the drum machine- and synth-driven single “Lydia Wears A Cross” is representative of the rest of the album in terms of its experimentation.

Stella Donnelly — Flood

Stella Donnelly Flood
Secretly Canadian

Release Date: August 26

The Australian singer-songwriter impressed with her 2019 debut album Beware Of The Dogs, but she’s taking a different approach on her upcoming second effort, Flood. While the first LP was a guitar-based affair, Flood is more centered on the piano. On lead single “Lungs,” for example, the piano certainly doesn’t replace the six-string, but serves to flesh out the composition in delightful ways.

Death Cab For Cutie — Asphalt Meadows

Death Cab For Cutie Asphalt Meadows

Release Date: September 16

Like the aforementioned Interpol, Death Cab is another group that has been marvelous when it comes to consistently delivering the goods over the course of a lengthy career. Their next album, Asphalt Meadows, is a big one, as it’s Ben Gibbard and company’s milestone tenth LP. They introduced the album with “Roman Candles,” which sees the group taking a more-aggressive-than-usual approach by cramming hard-edged rock intensity into two brief but compelling minutes.

Mura Masa — Demon Time

Mura Masa Demon Time

Release Date: September 16

As was noted previously, when Mura Masa (aka Alex Crossan) started making his new album Demon Time, he asked himself, “What’s the most fun thing we can do?” It certainly appears he found a good answer to that question, since lead single “Blessing Me” is a delightful time. Mura Masa, who has become an in-demand collaborator in recent years, is joined on the track by Pa Salieu and Skilliben, whose voices elevate the laid-back but still-bouncy tune.

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