Knocked Loose Is ‘Deep In The Willow’ Where ‘Everything Is Quiet Now’ On Their Two Rocking New Songs

Knocked Loose dropped two new singles: “Deep In The Willow” and “Everything Is Quiet Now.” The hardcore band’s latest drop finds them going full-throttle in some fun and creative music videos — ahead of their next album, Upon Loss.

“‘Deep in the Willow’ and ‘Everything is Quiet Now’ are a reminder that we are heavy, intense, and extreme,” lead singer Bryan Garris shared in a statement. “Some elements come and go, but those will never change. After ‘A Tear in the Fabric of Life’ we were inspired to see how much art we could incorporate moving forward — which led us to a style of video we’ve never attempted or approached.”

“Taking myself specifically far outside of my comfort zone and pushing the boundaries on how I’ve been seen in the past was a creative experience I will never forget,” he added. “This video wouldn’t be what it is without the collaboration with Eric Richter, someone we’ve admired for a while. And the songs wouldn’t be what they are without [producer] Drew Fulk, a new friend and creative ear in the entire process.”

Fans can expect to catch Knocked Loose at Bonnaroo this weekend — and other tour dates throughout the summer. Find more information here.

Check out “Deep In The Willow” and “Everything Is Quiet Now” above.