Watch LCD Soundsystem Perform ‘Beat Connection’ Live For The First Time In Almost Two Decades

LCD Soundsystem are indubitably one of the most influential bands in the indie rock space, especially for their impact on dance music’s crossover into American mainstream, even decades after they first came onto the scene. As this year’s highly-anticipated string of underplay shows in New York revealed, plenty of fans still want to see this band live. And there’s good reason for that, too! Because they’re still performing old gems and under-the-radar songs live to make these new dates as special as possible for avid fans.

Earlier this week, the band covered Spacemen 3’s “Big City” as part of their first live show in three years, and also brought out other gems like “On Repeat” and “Thrills,” which hadn’t been played live for over a decade. At last night’s show, though, they blew the dust off one of their own songs that hadn’t been performed live in sixteen years. During their set last night at Brooklyn Steel, the band busted out “Beat Connection,” to the delight of longtime fans who would’ve had to be at a show in 2005 to have last heard this live. Check out footage of the performance above, and keep an eye out for more rarities in this string of shows.