Olivia Munn And John Mulaney Reportedly Welcomed A Baby Boy Before Thanksgiving

After stirring up tabloid headlines with their romance, Olivia Munn and John Mulaney reportedly welcomed a baby boy last month. The couple, who’ve done their best to maintain their privacy since news of their relationship broke, had kept the birth under wraps, but sources for TMZ confirm that Munn gave birth on November 24.

The child is the first for the couple, and his pending arrival was confirmed by Mulaney during a frank interview with his friend and late night host Seth Meyers. Mulaney and Munn’s relationship started shortly after the stand-up comedian left a stint a rehab, and there has been speculation over the timing of the relationship in regards to his divorce from Anna Marie Tendler.

“In the spring, I went to Los Angeles, and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia – Olivia Munn,” Mulaney told Meyers. “And we’re having a baby together. I’m going to be a dad. We’re both really, really happy.”

With news of the baby out in the open, Munn stopped by The TODAY Show in early November where she opened up about her motherhood anxieties.

“I’m looking at everything I have to open up and it’s overwhelming. I don’t know how many of each item I need,” Munn told host Hoda Kotb. “Truly, I wish somebody could tell me, how many onesies, how many diapers? What’s the best rocker?”

Kotb put Munn at ease by sharing some advice from Maria Shriver on the only thing babies need. “To be looked at, to be listened to, to be talked to, to be made to feel secure.” Little did they know that advice would come in handy just three weeks later as Munn welcomed her son into the world.

(Via TMZ)