Moses Sumney Has Advice For His Older Self On The Soaring Track ‘Me In 20 Years’

Moses Sumney just released his first song of 2020. Following “Polly” and “Virile” last fall, Sumney has debuted the affecting ballad “Me In 20 Years.”

With Sumney’s distinct and soaring vocals, the singer wonders what his life will be in the future, offering advice on what he hopes to avoid. “Hey me in twenty years / Does your milk still / Turn to rot too soon? Do you still hoard souvenirs / And make them mirrors / Of sentimental veneer?” Sumney croons.

In a statement, Sumney’s music is described as “visceral”: “The songs on Grae may seem divergent, like the visceral, Smashing Pumpkins drama of ‘Virile,’ but there’s always that voice, knowable and penetrating, threading the pieces together: a heavenly rasp, a whale call, Miles’ horn.”

While Sumney’s music may be visceral, the singer recently said he feels like this is an “insane and futile time to be releasing and promoting music.”

Sumney’s upcoming record, Grae, will be released in two parts. The first part, arriving in February, features his previously-released track “Virile.” Releasing the record in two parts was conceptually important to Sumney’s message. By breaking the record into two, Sumney is purposefully crafting a space for listeners to fully absorb the message behind his art.

Listen to Sumney’s “Me In 20 Years” above.

Grae is out 5/15 via Jagjaguwar. Pre-order it here.