How To Buy Tickets To A24’s ‘Oasis: Supersonic’ IMAX Screening

Oasis is definitely not getting back together. Brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher frequently remind the general public of the bad blood between them, and Noel Gallagher recently requested for Dave Grohl to “wind his f*cking neck in about Oasis.” So, an Oasis reunion is unlikely, at best, but that isn’t stopping fans from celebrating their past. August will mark 30 years since Oasis’ Definitely Maybe album, which will be commemorated with Definitely Maybe (30th Anniversary Deluxe Edition).

A24 and IMAX will also provide a dose of nostalgia by screening Oasis: Supersonic for one night only on Tuesday, July 16, at more than 300 IMAX locations across the country, as per press release.

“As a part of A24’s continued partnership with IMAX through our exclusive monthly screening series, we’re excited to be bringing fans never-before-seen footage featuring exclusive interviews with Noel and Liam Gallagher during their rise to fame,” the press release additionally relayed. “With the help of IMAX’s larger-than-life sound and picture, this infamous musical documentary will transport you right backstage with the band.”

How To Buy Tickets To A24’s Oasis: Supersonic IMAX Screening

Tickets are available for purchase now here. You can enter your location to find the nearest IMAX theatre. According to Fandango, tickets begin at $19.08 for adults, $17.45 for seniors, and $15.81 for children.

Watch the Oasis: Supersonic trailer below.