Phoebe Bridgers Does Some Allyship ASMR On A New Episode Of ‘Ziwe’

A few weeks ago, Showtime shared a teaser for their new series Ziwe, which stars comedian and writer Ziwe Fumudoh. In that teaser, Bridgers went ahead and directed her instrument destruction efforts towards a ukulele. Yesterday, the full episode featuring Bridgers, titled “Allyship,” aired, and she really participated in the full spectrum of intensity. When she wasn’t smashing stringed instruments, she was engaging in some ASMR.

In a clip from the show, Fumudoh pointed out Bridgers’ enthusiasm about ASMR and then asked her to read some statements in a whispery way. The statements included, “I will do my own emotional labor,” “I apologize for all racism,” “I will never get married on a plantation,” and “Gay rights.” Once Bridgers reached a certain point in her note cards, though, she had to laugh and stop, saying, “I’m not reading these, these are ridiculous.”

Beyond her Ziwe appearance, Bridgers has been busy lately. Earlier this month, she put her record label leader hat on and introduced Muna as the latest Saddest Factory signing. She also helped out regular collaborator Jackson Browne by making an appearance in his “My Cleveland Heart” video, in which she snacked on his (formerly) internal organs.

Watch Bridgers do ASMR on Ziwe above.