Phoebe Bridgers Fans Were Convinced She Was Bald At The 2022 Met Gala

Phoebe Bridgers reportedly had a major life change recently, as there are rumors floating around that she and actor Paul Mescal are engaged. On top of that, for at least a little while, some Bridgers were convinced she debuted another big adjustment at the Met Gala yesterday: a shaved head.

Early in the evening, before professional red carpet photos started showing up online, some lower-resolution snaps of Bridgers (screenshots from a live video, it appears) made it look like her hair was substantially shorter than fans are used to. The most-cited example seems to be a photo shared by journalist Ilana Kaplan. This led to some conversation on Twitter, with a number of fans convinced of, or at least wondering about, Bridgers’ apparent shaved head.

However, the speculation was short-lived, as other photos and videos from the event (including the Vogue interview below) show clearly that Bridgers just had her hair tightly pulled back into a small bun. In that Vogue video, Bridgers speaks about how she was managing to not freak out at her first Met Gala, noting, “I’ve reached an adrenaline threshold.”

Meanwhile, some good news to emerge from the gala is that while Bridgers and Mescal didn’t walk the red carpet together, they met up later and saw a dog.