Phoebe Bridgers’ ‘Motion Sickness’ Made Guy Fieri Emotional During His Drive To Flavortown

Last fall, Phoebe Bridgers detailed the emotional experience she had after working with Taylor Swift on “Nothing New,” off of the re-recorded album Red (Taylor’s Version). “I got teary recording it,” she said. “I just couldn’t be more excited.” Well, it turns out Phoebe’s own music is also bringing out emotions in fellow celebrities. In a video shared on TikTok, Guy Fieri said he was moved by Phoebe’s “Motion Sickness,” a track from her 2017 album Stranger In The Alps, as he took a detour on his way to Flavortown.

The TikTok shows Fieri driving around, solemnly looking at the scenery around him, all while “Motion Sickness” blares in the background. “I hate you for what you did,” Phoebe sings on the track in the video. “And I miss you like a little kid.” In the TikTok, Fieri takes a trip down memory lane as he reflects on his accomplishments. “15-year-old me wouldn’t believe how many drive-ins I’ve seen,” he wrote. “21-year-old me wouldn’t be shocked at the number of dives I’ve hit. 54-year-old me is rolling out looking for all three.” Phoebe caught wind of the post and re-shared it on her Instagram Story.

Fieri’s post comes after Phoebe was announced as one of the performers for this year’s This Ain’t No Picnic Festival. LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, and Le Tigre will also perform.