Sky Ferreira Shares A Teaser Clip Of What Might Be A New Song Titled ‘Don’t Forget’

Sky Ferreira‘s debut album, the 2013 Night Time, My Time, is a whirlwind of alt-rock that became a staple of 2010s indie music almost instantly. The wait for her follow-up Masochism has been torturously long; last year, though, she said it would be “actually coming out this time” when it was put on a list of most anticipated albums of 2022. Though fans remained skeptical, Ferreira’s mother built up the suspense by sharing a photo of her daughter on her Instagram Story with the words, “new album coming March.”

So, of course, the grunge-pop star waited until the last day of March to prove herself. She posted a teaser clip on Instagram yesterday—only 18 seconds of a searing, heavy sound floating aimlessly behind her airy, echoey vocals. The art says “Don’t Forget,” which many are interpreting as the title of this possible single. The caption reads: “remember me?”

In 2019, Ferreira released the song “Downhill Lullaby” and appeared as a featured guest on Charli XCX’s self-titled album on the song “Cross You Out.” She has also expressed struggles in the past regarding her record label, which have definitely impacted her ability to release a full album. Fingers crossed that those issues have been sorted out…