Charli XCX And Sky Ferreira’s Cathartic ‘Cross You Out’ Explores The Liberation Of Leaving

Marcus Cooper

Charli XCX and Sky Ferreira have shared a new collaboration, “Cross You Out.”

“Cross You Out” is the latest single off XCX’s collab-heavy album, Charli, coming September 13 via Atlantic. As one would expect from two of the reigning queens of artistic indie pop, “Cross You Out” is a cathartic banger.

XCX has a particular talent for blending her sound with other artists. “1999” had all the glitter and attitude of the best Troye Sivan tracks, and “Gone” was a masterful mash-up of XCX’s futuristic sound and Christine And The Queens‘ funk-pop. XCX is a chameleon, a master altering her sound to gel with any mood or collaborator while remaining a singular voice and songwriting talent on her own.

“Cross You Out” is dark and shining, with the candid vulnerability Ferreira has made her signature. The song explores the transformative power of a breakup. Sometimes, the difficulty of leaving someone or something behind can spark a fresh start. “I become someone better / Now I look in the mirror / Feels good to forget ya,” XCX and Ferreira sing over lush midnight synths.

XCX’s album Charli is less than a month away, but we’ve also apparently got new Sky Ferreira on the way soon. Her latest single, “Downhill Lullaby,” was released in March, and she’s been at work on her second studio LP Masochism for the last couple years.

Listen to “Cross You Out” below.

Charli XCX is a Warner Music artist. .