Sky Ferreira Details ‘Insane Obstacles’ With Her Record Label And Urges Fans To Be Patient For New Music

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Sky Ferreira hasn’t released an album since 2013’s Night Time, My Time, but that’s not her fault. The singer, who has been open about her struggles with her record label in the past, took to Twitter to defend herself against cruel comments she received online.

Ferreira didn’t mention exactly what the comments were that made her so upset, but she provided some context clues. Apparently someone tried to belittle her career just because she has taken a long time to make this album and get it out into the world. Ferreira reminded fans that she has faced “insane obstacles” with her label since before her first record came out, and her biggest champion throughout her career making music has been herself. She paid for her first album with money from modeling gigs, and still today doesn’t have “a team of people to protect me or tell me what to do.”

Ferreira is proud of remaining independent and never becoming a “chess piece” to be moved and managed by others. Comparing her work to other people’s diminishes what she has achieved on her own, and Ferreira rightly called the obsessive need to stack female artists’ work against one another “sexist sh*t.” That said, it would be great to hear her new, much-hyped record Masochism sometime soon, whenever it’s ready and whenever she’s ready.

Read Sky Ferreira’s tweets below.