St. Vincent Injects Serious Funk Into Her Remix Of Beck’s ‘Uneventful Days’

Last year, Beck released his fourteenth album, Hyperspace. Now he has called upon St. Vincent to remix the record’s second single, “Uneventful Days.” Instead of a simple remix, St. Vincent recorded new guitar, bass, and keys for the track, which has taken on a much funkier vibe under her direction.

St. Vincent shared some behind-the-scenes info on the song, including a story about how one minor alteration Beck suggested changed the whole thing. She wrote in a pair of tweets, “I guess I was listening to a lot of 70’s Herbie & WAR at the time & wondering how much funk was inside me, too. I sent it to Beck & he dug it, but he said ‘it should be 3 bpm faster.’ What do you know? HE WAS SO RIGHT. It made all the difference in the groove. My friend Cian Riordan engineered it, my friend Sam KS came over to play drums, & the rest is me jamming on guitar & bass & keys.”

This isn’t the first we’ve heard from the combination of St. Vincent and Beck in recent days, nor will it be the last. The two were part of the recent reunion of Nirvana’s surviving members, and they are both also set to participate in the Grammys’ upcoming Prince tribute concert.

Listen to St. Vincent’s remix of Beck’s “Uneventful Days” above.