St. Vincent Is A Huge Fan Of Larry David And ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’: ‘I Agree With Him Most Of The Time’

St. Vincent has had a hell of a year, not just putting out a new album, Daddy’s Home, but also earning a Grammy nom for Best Alternative Music Album. Aside from just music, the artist has also been working on what she described as “a bananas art filmcalled The Nowhere Inn with the likes of Carrie Brownstein and Dakota Johnson, so it only makes sense that her mind would turn to visual media.

And that’s probably part of why Curb Your Enthusiasm came up as a recent topic during a recent interview with Spin. When the interviewer brings up how the premise for Curb was similar to The Nowhere Inn Annie Clark officially comes out as a massive Larry David fan. “Also, can we talk Curb for a second?” she begins. “I’m obsessed with [Sofia Maria] on Curb. She just makes the craziest acting choices in the whole world. [Laughs.] She’s so good at being so bad at acting… And here’s the thing: I know the premise is that,’“Oh, Larry’s such an asshole,’ but I feel like I agree with him most of the time.”

And she continued to back him up on thinking handshakes are disgusting: “The handshake thing alone — I think, if my history is correct, we used to shake hands to be like, “Hey, I’m not armed. I’m not gonna hurt you. Let’s meet in the middle to prove that neither of us are armed.” In today’s world, it’s just a filthy, filthy thing to do.” Hey, given what’s happened recently with the spread of Covid-19, handshakes might be a thing of the past altogether. Anyway, long live Larry David, and kudos to Annie Clark for letting Curb fans know she’s among us.