Tame Impala’s Biggest Song Is Now Their First With 1 Billion Streams On Spotify

Tame Impala is perhaps the most iconic figure in psychedelic rock from the past decade-plus, as each of his four albums have had tremendous success and spawned recognizable and beloved tracks. Of those, though, Kevin Parker’s defining tune is clearly Currents highlight “The Less I Know The Better” (which was actually the final single to be released from the album): It’s his only multi-Platinum song (currently at 4-times Platinum) and it’s easily his most-streamed song on Spotify.

In fact, the tune actually just reached a major milestone on Spotify: Chart Data reports the song has eclipsed 1 billion streams, becoming Tame Impala’s first song to do so. As of this post, Spotify shows the song has 999,269,966 streams. So, even if it hasn’t technically reached a billion streams yet, it ought to soon.

Parker previously told Noisey of the song, “I just remember sitting alone in my home studio, a little studio, because I was between houses, and making the demo of the song in about half an hour. Like I had the chords and the melody and I was just thinking, ‘It needs a gnarly bass riff.’ The way that I know I’ve done a new riff that is cool, is if my hands don’t want to do it. If you let your hands do the thinking, it will just be the same old sh*t. But yeah, that bass riff — it’s actually a guitar with an octave pedal — but that very take is the one that’s used in the whole song.”

As for where “The Less I Know The Better” ranks all-time in Spotify streams, it still has a way to go to catch up to the No. 1 song, Ed Sheeran’s “Shape Of You,” which currently has a hair under 3.1 billion streams. As of April 10, Tame Impala’s song would need about 300 million more streams to even crack the top 100, as rounding out the list is Charlie Puth’s “Attention” with a bit over 1.3 billion streams.

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