Here Is The Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘The World Is A Vampire Tour’ Setlist

The Smashing Pumpkins are taking it back. This past weekend, the band kicked off the latest leg of their The World Is A Vampire Tour. With a career spanning over four decades, the Pumpkins have many hits to their credits. And of course, fans of the ’90s rock icons can look forward to hearing just about all of them, and more, per some ticketholders who have shared the docket to

Some songs from their catalog will be making their live debut. And in addition to their own stacked catalog, the Pumpkins have also been performing a few covers, including one by fellow ’90s rock hitmakers, U2.

The show packs on the nostalgia, but the Pumpkins arrive with the same gusto they did when they first formed nearly 40 years ago. Needless to say, fans are in for a hell of a show.

You can see the full setlist below.

The Smashing Pumpkins’ The World Is A Vampire Tour setlist

1. “The Everlasting Gaze”
2. “Doomsday Clock”
3. “Zoo Station (U2 Cover)”
4. “Today”
5. “Thru The Eyes Of Ruby”
6. “Spellbinding”
7. “Tonight, Tonight”
8. “That Which Animates The Spirit”
9. “Ava Adore”
10. “Disarm”
11. “Springtimes”
12. “Mayonnaise”
13. “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” (followed by “Stand Inside Your Love” snippet)
14. “Empires”
15. “Beguiled”
16. “1979”
17. “Birch Grove”
18. “Panopticon”
19. “Shame”
20. “Jellybelly”
21. “Rhinoceros”
22. “Gossamer”
23. “Cherub Rock”
24. “Zero”