Tom Morello Clarifies That He’s ‘Not White’ After Critics Accuse Him Of White Privilege

Rage Against The Machine‘s guitarist Tom Morello has, in the past year, enjoyed dunking on numerous conservatives that have taken issue with the band’s political stances. Morello was once again going viral Wednesday after one listener slammed him for his friendship with problematic right-leaning musician Ted Nugent.

Earlier this week, Morello opened up about his relationship with Nugent in an appearance on The Howard Stern Show. Morello, who has consistently named Trump an “orange-faced demagogue,” is apparently buddy-buddy with Capitol insurrection-defending Nugent. “While we certainly have differences, I consider him a friend,” Morello told Stern.

But one of Morello’s fans wasn’t as nonchalant about the musician’s friendship with Nugent. “Tom Morello’s white man privilege is showing,” they wrote in response to Morello’s kind words about Nugent.

Morello, who is of both Irish and Kenyan descent, didn’t let the comment go unseen. He chose to respond with a succinct reminder: “I’m not white.”

Rage Against The Machine were originally all set for an expansive reunion tour in 2020, officially ending the side project Prophets Of Rage with members of Cypress Hill and Public Enemy. But, like most other plans that were set for 2020, the pandemic stopped the reunion plans in their tracks. Rage Against The Machine have yet to release any more details surrounding a possible reunion tour, but it could be back in the works once venues are able to reopen safely.