Vampire Weekend Kept It Light And Cozy With Performances Of ‘Gen-X Cops’ And ‘Capricorn’ On ‘SNL’

Vampire Weekend made a return to Saturday Night Live this weekend. Still riding the high of their fifth studio album Only God Was Above Us, the band performed for the fourth time on the show.

Kicking off a pair of performance, Vampire Weekend started with their song “Gen-X Cops”

While on stage, lead vocalist Ezra Koening sat cozy on a cushioned seat, next to a Yamaha piano. Koenig’s vocals were flawless, syncing well with the rocking sounds by his bandmates. He delivered a quick piano solo near the bridge of the song, not missing a beat.

In their second performance of the night, Vampire Weekend delivered a soft, light performance of “Capricorn.”

Once again taking center stage, Koenig shined with sweet, smooth vocals. Playing his acoustic guitar, Koenig gifts the audience with somewhat of a smooth lullaby as the show begins wrapping up. Toward the bridge, fellow Vampire Weekend members Chris Baio and Chris Thompson perform some electrifying bass and guitar solos.

Over the years, Vampire Weekend’s sound has evolved, especially as one of the founding members, Rostam Batmanglij, left the band awhile back. But the group has continued to maintain their rockstar momentum.

You can watch clips of the performances above.