Indiecast Reviews The New Vampire Weekend Album And An Old Modest Mouse Album

This week’s episode opens with Steven and Ian remembering the old Pitchfork “stunt” review of Jet’s 2006 album Shine On, which was dissected this week in an article by The Ringer. While stunt reviews are kind of dumb, Steven and Ian still miss them a little. The guys also explore the indie-rock guest stars on Beyoncé’s new blockbuster album Cowboy Carter, including Adam Granduciel, Jonathan Rado, and some dude from The Stills.

From there, they review the great new Vampire Weekend album, Only God Was Above Us, which manages to change the band’s just enough while retrenching with some classic themes. They also look back at Modest Mouse’s Good News For People Who Love Bad News, which turns 20 this week, a crucial album in the mainstreaming of indie rock in the aughts that might also be… not that great?

In Recommendation Corner, Ian talks about the band Cindy Lee while Steven stumps for the latest from Phosphorescent and the Philly band A Country Western.

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