Waxahatchee’s Latest Single ‘Can’t Do Much’ Is An ‘Unsentimental Love Song’

Waxahatchee’s new album, Saint Cloud, is just around the corner, coming out on March 27 via Merge Records. She’s already shared the video for the first track, “Fire,” and “Lilacs,” and today she’s shared a third song, “Can’t Do Much,” accompanied by a fuzzy video of the band playing the song in studio.

“This was the first song I wrote in this batch of songs, and I’ve been performing it live for almost two years,” Katie Crutchfield said of the track. “It’s meant to be an extremely unsentimental love song, a love song with a strong dose of reality. It was written early on in a relationship, where the feelings were super intense, but also fear or apprehension were sort of keeping me from totally relaxing in it yet. Sort of like ‘it’s annoying that I love you so much’ — totally unromantic, which sort of makes it really romantic to me.”

The song fits in with the lo-fi, folksy sound the band has adopted for this release. Somewhere I heard a fan call it “full Dylan,” and I think that’s as good a description as any. The album was also written right after Crutchfield made the decision to get sober, so certainly that decision is reflected in the tonality here.

Watch the “Can’t Do Much” video above.

Saint Cloud is out 03/27 via Merge Records. Pre-order it here.