Books, Canteens, And Home Brew Kits — Perfect Gifts For The Beer Lover In Your Life

We’re in a golden age for drinking beer. There’s great beer available in every corner of this country and all points in between. That also means there’s plenty of crap out there too, let’s not pretend there’s not. Still, drinking good beer and caring about good beer has gone mainstream.

That means there’s probably a beer lover in your life, someone you’re gearing up to buy a gift for. If so, you’re in luck — beer gifts and accessories are fairly easy to come by these days. There are endless pages of shirts, glasses, brewery kits, and do-dads to thrill any beer enthusiast. At the same time, the proliferation of beer-related stuff can be hard to sift through. And none of us want to screw up a gift we’re likely only giving once a year.

So we did some research for you. The 11 items below offer a broad spectrum of beer-related gifts. There are cheap and easy gifts that serve as great “casual pal” presents. Then there are a few near the end that you’ll only want to give to someone who truly knows their beer (and wants to share a beer with you).

Let’s dive in!



Price: $13.72

Tim Webb and Joe Stange’s CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide To Belgium hits three cool subjects: Food, travel, and beer. The guidebook offers a comprehensive look into almost every single place in Belgium that serves beer, details where you can get great food paired with beer, and shows you how to get between all those cool spots. There’s no better guide to the Belgian beer scene.

Even if your loved one isn’t planning a trip to Belgium, if they love beer then this book might well make them pull that trigger and start planning.

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Price: $6.99

We know, we know. Socks aren’t the coolest gift out there. But, hey, this is a cheap gift for a beer lover. It’s the perfect office gift when you really don’t want to drop serious cash but still want to put a smile on someone’s face.

Plus, it’s socks with beer mugs. That’s easy to love.

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Price: $24.99

Yeti is the undisputed champion of keeping things cool (or hot). Their Rambler Colster will keep a can of beer cold far longer than it’ll ever take anyone to drink it. This is also a great Secret Santa gift — because even if the person who gets it doesn’t drink beer, they can still use it to keep canned wine, soda, White Claw, or their La Croix cold as ice.

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Price: $32.99

On first look, this gift can feel a little beer bro-ish. But let us make a case. Sure, a lot of craft beer is available nationwide. But to really fill up this beer cap map whoever you give it to is going to have to travel to certain states to complete their journey.

Anything that inspires someone to travel (and drink beer) is a win in our book. Period.

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Price: $29.97

A beer caddy is a great gift for any beer lover. There’s the utility of a caddy that sets this gift apart. You can take it to pick up bottles from a brewery or bar. You can carry bottles with you to parties or BBQs. Plus, the light padding will help keep beers a bit cold (it’s not cooler) and protect them.

Also, this looks like some old-world A River Runs Through It shit and we dig that. Sorry, not sorry.

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Price: $12.99

If your beer-loving friend watched Once Upon A Time In Hollywood and saw Brad Pitt holster a can of beer before he parkoured to the roof to fix a broken TV antenna, they’re going to want this can holster.

It’s a beer can holster! That’s badass. It’s also cheap. All of this adds up to this being the beer gift to give in 2019. And, yes, it’ll also hold your ridiculous can of White Claw.

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Price: $11.59

Mark Dredge’s amazingly well-researched and super readable new book A Brief History of Lager is a must for any beer drinker and history lover. The book examines the 500 or so year history of the beer style and how over the last 100 or so years the style came to dominate every corner of the beer-drinking world.

Dredge also dives into the history of beer and brings it all back around to modern tastes and brewers and why lager is so beloved.

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Price: $124.99

Okay, now we’re getting into the bigger gifts. And this one might be a little controversial. The Fizzics spout is a machine that dispenses beer with a nitro’d feel — think Guinness with its super smooth and frothy head. BUT WAIT — not all beers are meant to be nitro’d and also that’s not exactly what’s happening here but it is… close.

Overall, this is a fun device to have around for parties and specialty beers that could use some smoothing out. Is it worth the cash? That depends on how much cash you have and what you expect.

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Price: $149.99

On the other end of the spectrum, a TrailKeg is for the beer drinker who takes their growler fills very seriously. The vacuum body keeps the beer ice cold. The stainless steel is very durable. And the tap system has a built-in Co2 regulator to assure the perfect tap pour every single time.

This is the beer gift to take anyone’s growler game to the next level and, frankly, it’s far more functional than the previous entry.

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Price: $399.99

Do you know someone who’s been trying to brew beer on a stovetop and not quite getting it? This is the gift for them and any other novice homebrewer. The PicoBrew is a well-regulated and designed countertop appliance that’ll allow even the greenest of brewers to get a handle on brewing beer. This is a small-scale home brew machine that’ll hit every temperature at the right time and assure the brewing process goes off without a hitch. Yes, it may be a little spendy. But, at the very least, whoever you buy this for will brew some tasty beer and (hopefully!) share it with you.

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Price: $89.99

It’s about time for some beer on this list of gifts for beer lovers. But you can’t just buy someone a sixer and call it good. Or one tall-and-expensive-but-not-visually-impressive bottle. Enter Tavour — which will send your beer-loving lover or friend a whole, thematically-aligned box of beer.

Why not just pick up everything you need from a local bottle shop? One, because you won’t actually do it. Two, because Tavour seems to have pretty damn great access and supply lines. The IPA box I bought featured a wide-range of breweries and flavor profiles and came right to my door without me having to hustle around and hand-select them. It’s a fantastic way to help someone expand their beer-palate this holiday.

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