Where To Grab A Beer In America’s Busiest Airports

Millions upon millions of people pass through the terminals of America’s busiest airports every year. In the best-case scenario, you’re able to hit bag drop, breeze through security, and get to your gate with enough time to snag a quick glass of the sudsy stuff before you board. Worst case scenario, you end up delayed and need a few pints to pass the time. In either case, knowing where to grab a good beer at the airport is a bit of knowledge we should all be equipped with.

The ten beer joints below are the best places to grab a beer in America’s ten busiest airports. Obviously, some of these spots are in specific terminals and might not fit in your gate-to-gate itinerary, but if you have 30 minutes — or more — to kill in an airport and you’re thirsty for beer, these spots are worth hitting up.