The ‘One More Road For The Beer’ Podcast Is Here, Just In Time For Your Christmas Commute


Christmas has come early for beer lover’s everywhere! Joe Stange, author of CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide to Belgium, and Zach Johnston (me!), senior writer for Uproxx Life have teamed up to make what we very humbly believe is the best beer and travel podcast ever. One More Road for the Beer is the beer, food, and travel podcast that takes an in-depth look at both established and burgeoning beer scenes city-by-city. Our first episode dropped today, just in time for your Christmas commute.

In episode one, Joe and I talk about all things beer in Brussels, Belgium. We start with a quick primer on local beer styles like lambic and gueuze. Then we take a dive into the beer scene with bar recommendations, food stops, and places to sleep off all those amazing Belgian brews.

Listen here on iTunes, SoundCloud or Stitcher!

The episode clocks in at 34 minutes and is ad-free. We’ll be dropping episode two at the top of January and aim to drop shows bi-weekly (on Fridays) going forward. You can also follow us on Twitter and Instagram. We’d love to hear your recommendations, questions, and gripes! We hope you bear with us as we shake out the cobwebs and build this podcast into something great for beer, food, and travel enthusiasts all over the world. We have a lot of great episodes in the works and will be dropping new places to listen to the pod on our social media streams as we grow.

Episode One Beer Bar Guide (click on the address for map):

Episode One Beers: