The Beer Lover’s Gift Guide For 2018

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In a little more than a week, the holiday shopping rush will be over. Presents will be exchanged, copious amount of booze will be drunk, and all the food will be eaten as another Christmas goes in the books. That gives us all about seven days to find a gift. Tick, tock. If you’re still fretting over what to give your friends and family, we recommend the gift of beer.

A case of local craft or a killer specialty bottle or even a nice set of glasses makes for the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite beer-related gifts below. For that most part, these are fairly easy-to-source beer and beer-adjacent products nationwide. You might have to go to a specialty shop or two but these beer gifts will be worth hunting down.

Upslope Brown Ale Pico Pak

Upslope Brewing Co. out in Colorado is brewing up some of the best craft beer in America right now. While the bulk of their brews are served in and around the Boulder, CO, area, the good stuff is starting to trickle into other markets around the country. Even still though, it’s a bit difficult to find outside of the region.

Well, we have a fix for that. The good folks over at Pico Brew have a brew set to brew Upslope’s famous Brown Ale at home. The box comes with the recipe, malt, and hop needed to brew. While it’s set up to be used with the Pico Countertop Brewing machine, the ingredients and recipe are all there, making it adaptable to any home brewing kit.

Deschutes Variety Pack

Deschutes Brewery is one of the most important micro-breweries in American craft beer. Founded in 1988 out in Bend, Oregon, the master brewers have been killing the suds game for 30 years now. This is master craft at its best, folks.

Their special variety pack includes three bottles each of Black Butte Porter, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, Pacific Wonderland Lager, and Fresh Squeezed IPA. This 12-pack is the perfect box of beer. As a gift, it’ll give the giftee a great introduction to the brewery and the old-school microbrew styles of the Pacific Northwest.

Elysian IPA Variety Pack

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Sticking with the Great Pacific Northwest, Elysian Brewing has been brewing up special beers with a mindful eye towards innovation and fun for over 20 years. This is an excellent craft beer that keeps things light and delicious. Elysian’s IPAs are some of the best in the game and make for the perfect gift for any beer lover.

Their variety pack includes three bottles each of Immortal IPA, Space Dust IPA, Dayglow IPA, and Avatar Jasmine IPA. These are the IPAs that beer lovers rave about. They’re subtle, hop-forward, dank, and innovative. Any IPA-lover will be beaming from ear to ear with a gift like this.

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