We Asked Bartenders To Name The Absolute Best Rye Whiskeys To Drink This Fall

We have the perfect prescription for the upcoming end-of-summer blues: rye whiskey. That’s right, feel free to move on from your summery gins, tequilas, vodkas, and rums and right into spicy, peppery rye whiskeys. We’re calling it right now — rye whiskey will be the spirit of fall 2019. Get on board or look like a chump come October.

To truly embrace this seasonally appropriate spirit, you should know at least one fact about it. You know how bourbon must contain at least 51 percent corn? Well, rye whiskey must contain at least 51 percent rye. Simple enough, right? From there, you’ll see mash bills that push the spirit in all sorts of different directions, but you’re definitely going to get at least some level of peppery spice from the rye.

During the craft whiskey boom, the style has gained rapidly in popularity — with large and small distilleries in Canada and the US trying their hand at the spirit. To help you navigate the new expressions hitting the market, we decided to ask some of our favorite bartenders to tell us their go-to rye whiskeys for fall sipping.