We Blind Tasted 14 Reposado And Añejo Tequilas — Here Are The Results


Tequila is a joy. It’s got all of whiskey’s complexity but its aficionados aren’t quite so self-serious. There’s far less chance you’ll get judged for mixing a top-shelf tequila into a Paloma than for mixing a top-shelf whiskey into an old fashioned. Besides that, there’s something about a shot of tequila that opens the door to wild times and the fun variety of bad decisions.

With summer — checks notes — here! TODAY! I asked four of our staffers to blind taste 14 bottles of tequila in a single sitting. At the office. The whole scene turned a little messy by the end, but four of the five of us managed to keep it together through the tasting. The nice thing about this blind test is that everyone came to the table with a different knowledge base. Head drinks writer Zach Johnston was the expert and we let him know what he was drinking, to create a sort of baseline. I’m pretty solid on tequila, so I felt like I could make a few educated guesses on what was what. Vince Mancini and Mike Botticello are both more whiskey experts but they’re eager to learn (Vince just went to a weekend workshop with Herradura). Finally, Allison Sanchez was a complete newbie, which was fun and provided us with some raw, funny takes.

Check the list below to find a bottle you’re keen on. Then get outside on solstice day, have an adventure or two, and make yourself a few Palomas round about sunset.

Steve Bramucci, Editorial Director, UPROXX Life

1. Casa Noble Añejo — Retails for $74.99

What To Expect (by non-blind taster Zach Johnston): Muted vanilla should be distinct. Then a vegetal essence comes in with a saccharine cream soda vanilla sweetness and a hint of spicy fresh chili peppers.

Mike: Now this dog has bite. As in the dog of the hair, before the hair of the dog. Traditional tequila expectations reside here.