These Cannabis Strains Will Help You Get Fully Into The October Spirit

Summer is tough to beat, we all know that. Tailgating can’t compete with summer cookouts and autumnal strolls sure as hell don’t beat swimming holes. But for some of us, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Fall — with its changing foliage and brisk evenings — is low key paradise. We finally get to return to quaffing dark beers. The pumpkin spice flows like wine. And we have the glorious opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a swirl of sexy costumes and outrageous Reese’s peanut butter cup consumption.

Add a little cannabis to that mix and you’re really living. Especially if it’s cannabis that fits naturally with the season itself.

The list below contains ten strains of weed that feel like pure fall — either because of their seasonally appropriate names or their woody, robust flavor profiles. This is what you should be smoking while downing mugs of piping hot apple cider, kicking fall leaves while you hike, or visiting a local haunted house. The only thing you need to be careful of is the munchies — because the price of having to repeatedly replace the candy you bought for trick-or-treaters can add up, as do the calories.

This year when people ask what you are going to be for Halloween, tell them: “high.”

Zombie OG

This weed is a 90 percent indica cross of Blackberry and OG Kush that falls in the zone of 18 to 21 percent THC. If you’re looking for a strain that will hit you hard with sedative effects until you feel like shuffling around Dawn of the Dead style, this is it. However, unlike a traditional zombie, your consciousness will be dialed way up. Expect to spend a lengthy span of time contemplating the universe and your place in it while you eat an entire bag of fun-size Twix, which are considerably better than brains.

This bud has some contrasting elements in its flavor profile. On one hand, tokes are full of a chemical, almost diesel, taste. On the other, there are also lavender and pine notes. It’s like sitting on the edge of a wooded area near a gas station… but in a good way.

Jack the Ripper

There are a lot of metaphorical parallels between this 70 percent sativa hybrid and the notorious serial killer who terrorized London in the late 1800s. Fortunately, none of them involve users slaughtering prostitutes, so you and your neighborhood sex workers can rest easy. The only thing this strain kills is fatigue. It peps you up with a heaping helping of focus, which is why a lot of people consider it exhilarating and titillating. For some users, there is a bit of a spacey cerebral fog (not unlike the pea soup mists of Victorian London) that settles in instead of concentration. Use a little at a time until you know which high you will be enjoying.

We can’t speak to the flavor of the real Jack the Ripper. We suspect he tasted terrible because most people in that period went weeks without bathing. This strain, however, is supremely yummy. There is a lot of tangy citrus with a heavy focus on lemon and a bit of spice.

Green Poison

What would October be without retailers encouraging you to purchase cauldrons and ornamental bottles with labels that read things like “Bat Eyes” and even “Green Poison”? Don’t get us wrong, we can get down with some witchy decorations for sure, but we would rather get down with this 70 percent indica dominant strain and its THC level in the 15 to 20 percent range. This is a bit of a creeper, so give the high time to settle in before going back for another hit. You’ll know you’re feeling the effects when your head is tingling, and your body is utterly relaxed. Following that, there’s a sense of happiness that is truly uplifting. So, it’s pretty much the opposite of actual poison.

Green Poison has an interesting flavor that blends a sweet earthy pine with a bit of spicy skunkiness. Traces of mint can be present as well. Who doesn’t like something a little spicy and sweet, especially in fall?

Diablo OG

As the Spanish word for devil, “Diablo” is the kind of strain name that can be a little ominous. But pop culture has certainly shown audiences that Satan isn’t always a straight-up horror. He can also be a charismatic charmer who gives people exactly what they want in exchange for one measly soul. This 60 percent sativa-leaning strain is a little like that — if exactly what you want is achieve a well-balanced high that provides physical relaxation without sacrificing cerebral clarity. And you don’t have to trade your soul to get it. You don’t even have to trade your ability to get off the couch, because this strain allows you to remain active and alert.

It should be no surprise that Diablo OG is a little sweet and a little spicy like the Prince of Darkness himself. There are some blueberry notes that are followed by pepper and spice at the exhale. It’s pretty pungent as well, so discretion is a bit hard when smoking it. Who cares, you’ll see everyone who judges you in hell.

Ghost Ship

A cross of Purple Kush Starship and Gupta Kush, this 70 percent indica dominant strain is probably a better use of your time than watching the 2002 film of the same name. Wait. Maybe that’s unfair. It is October, and a movie that starts with a grip of wealthy passengers on an ocean liner being bisected on a dance floor is solid. How about you watch Ghost Ship and smoke Ghost Ship for a theme night?

This may be an indica strain, but it isn’t going to render you immobile. It’s a fairly even high — with both introspective effects and relaxing ones. You can ponder what’s happening on the ship while the weed reduces your stress, the ideal way to wind down after a long day.

Like a ship full of long-dead people, this strain is a little dank. The kush in its lineage gives it that distinctive spicy flavor with both a skunkiness and an earthiness. Some people will pick up sweetness, but that won’t be a dominant flavor.


Yes, yes. We know that Frankenstein is the name of the doctor and not the name of the monster. And though we would like to talk about how this strain is a lot like the creature crafted from corpses and brought to life using the power of lightning, we can take the doctor angle. Let’s just say that this indica-leaning hybrid with its potent levels of psychoactivity must’ve been imagined and bred by some innovative scientists looking to craft something with an unrivaled level of power. The THC level can be as high as 29 percent, which is outstanding if you want to get completely baked and enjoy a mindset that is totally trippy. You will be able to chat, and giggle fits are likely. But you won’t feel a bit of stress, and your thinking will be pretty foggy.

This bud is extra tasty, but the profile is a bit more summer than autumn. Users will enjoy some sweet citrus with some tropical notes (a lot of mango) on the exhale. It’s like a tiki drink garnished with lavender.


In 1986, a cartoon called The Real Ghostbusters was on the air, and the Hi-C people created a product tie-in with Ecto Cooler, an orange/tangerine flavored juice box beverage that was fluorescent green colored like the popular ghost character Slimer from the TV show and original film. This 70 percent sativa dominant strain of the same name comes courtesy of people who enjoy weed and ghost-based nostalgia, so they are clearly the kind of folks that we love. It has a pretty average THC concentration of 17 percent, which actually means it is highly affordable. Not juice box affordable, but a real solid return on your investment. It’s perfect for toking before you have to do a creative task like carving a jack-o-lantern or putting together a costume.

Hi-C Ecto Coolers had a metric ass load of sugar, but don’t sleep on the Ecto Cooler strain’s flavor because it also has a easy to recognize sweetness. The flavor is very sugary orange with a layer of pine. It’s a bit like if Pine-Sol made candy that wouldn’t poison you.

White Widow

When it comes to cannabis flavor and aroma, oils called terpenes play a large role. Over 100 of them have been identified, and every strain contains a unique combo of them. Humulene is a terpene with woody, spicy notes that can also be found in spices like sage, cloves, and black pepper. If you’re thinking about the spices that go into your standard pumpkin pie, it’s going to be warm spices like cloves, so nothing could be more reminiscent of fall baking than a strain of weed flavored by a little Humulene. White Widow is just such a strain, and the 60 percent sativa-leaning strain may be a little bit of a letdown for people who are used to sweet or fruity crossbreeds. It’s actually very mild on flavor, but definitely gives that spicy, herbal notes mentioned above.

Unlike a lot of other strains, those with Humulene are good at suppressing appetite. So rather than scarf down a loaf of pumpkin bread or a mass of Milk Duds, you might even lose weight smoking it. That’s rare going into the holiday season.

Pink Kush

Another strain heavy on the Humulene is Pink Kush. Both the aroma and the flavor of this 90 percent indica-leaning hybrid are heavy with berries and vanilla, while floral notes nicely cling to your taste buds after the exhale. Between the sweetness and the earthiness, there is something autumnal about the flavor that even the flowery elements don’t undermine. It can be a bit like sugary perfume when it isn’t reminding of you of a tasty blueberry crumble. And smoking it feels a little bit like a slumber party, it’s all relaxation and giggle fits. As the high intensifies, you’ll begin to feel weightless both physically and emotionally. The best part of this is that the high lasts for hours and hours.

The THC content is pretty normal at 22 percent, but if you go hard on this strain, it can make you mad paranoid, and during a month that’s all about scaring people, you don’t need that. A little will be sufficient.

Super Silver Haze

Caryophyllene is another terpene that is found in cloves and cinnamon, so it’s basically a little pumpkin spice latte — which you can definitely pick up when you give weed containing it a sniff. You’re going to catch an aroma that is spicy, woody, and redolent with clove. Super Silver Haze is an 80 percent sativa heavy strain that takes these flavor elements and layers them with earthiness, sweetness, and citrus. It’s a little like spiced pomander balls, a hot toddy, a fall punch, or an autumnal lemon bread. Speaking of which, if you use this to make cannabutter and put it into a citrus pound cake, it can be life-changing. This is an especially good strain for combating stress, which is ideal going into the holiday season, and it comes with a long-lasting body high.

Research has linked Caryophyllene to the reduction in the voluntary use of alcohol as well. If you are trying to limit your boozing, smoking some Super Silver Haze may help you in your efforts. And, honestly, with a little of this herb and its psychoactive effects, you don’t really need to drink.