These Cannabis Strains Will Help You Get Fully Into The October Spirit

Summer is tough to beat, we all know that. Tailgating can’t compete with summer cookouts and autumnal strolls sure as hell don’t beat swimming holes. But for some of us, that doesn’t tell the whole story. Fall — with its changing foliage and brisk evenings — is low key paradise. We finally get to return to quaffing dark beers. The pumpkin spice flows like wine. And we have the glorious opportunity to celebrate Halloween in a swirl of sexy costumes and outrageous Reese’s peanut butter cup consumption.

Add a little cannabis to that mix and you’re really living. Especially if it’s cannabis that fits naturally with the season itself.

The list below contains ten strains of weed that feel like pure fall — either because of their seasonally appropriate names or their woody, robust flavor profiles. This is what you should be smoking while downing mugs of piping hot apple cider, kicking fall leaves while you hike, or visiting a local haunted house. The only thing you need to be careful of is the munchies — because the price of having to repeatedly replace the candy you bought for trick-or-treaters can add up, as do the calories.

This year when people ask what you are going to be for Halloween, tell them: “high.”