The Best *Actually* Haunted Homes In The Country

best haunted houses in the us

There are two kinds of people: Halloween people and Christmas people. Some of us are super into family and cocoa and fireplaces, and the rest of us are into playing dress up and feeling our bodies freeze up with abject terror. To the latter group: Your time has come. It is imperative to make the most of the month. Let’s get the pumpkins carved, the candy purchased (because you have to eat at least five bags by the time kids actually show up at the door), costume out of planning stages into manufacture, and outings planned.

A visit to a corn maze is debatable, but a haunted house is a must. Sure, there are those faux hauntings in strip malls with disaffected youth making minimum wage to put on grease paint and get punched by drunk people unprepared for jump scares, but that’s weak sauce. You need 100 percent authentic spirits, preferably with some great backstory. And solid architecture never hurt anyone, either. Ambiance matters.

What follows are one dozen of the best-haunted houses in the country. We’ve already run back haunted attractions — today we’re talking about real hauntings. The (more) legit stuff. You can expect historical narratives with strained family relationships, doomed lovers, mysterious deaths, suicides, and even a person locked in an attic. And, yes, location, location, location. Burial grounds or GTFO.