Want To Live To 100? Here’s What You Need To Do To Hit Triple Digits

Unless you’re a Highlander, you can’t live forever. But, in 2017, you can live for a pretty long time. A hundred years ago the average life expectancy was around fifty. Today, it’s over eighty and people are living longer and fuller lives than ever before. The stats say you’re likely to live to your eighth decade, but what if you want to reach triple digits? How do you get those extra twenty-plus years? Well, that’s easier said than done. The obvious answer is that you need to eat healthy (put down that Big Mac), get regular exercise, sleep, and keep your mind sharp by reading, writing, and socializing with others. But, if you’re like us and don’t want to stop enjoying fast food, drinking, and not getting enough sleep, you can do what one of these centenarians did and maybe you’ll be lucky enough to join their ever-so-exclusive club.