This 100-Year Old Woman Just Got Free McDonald’s For Life, Providing Us With Great Monday Goals

Even though millennials are (allegedly) not eating Big Macs anymore, there’s no denying that McDonald’s is still a big booming business that many love (despite our national fear of clowns). Among those who still enjoy the sights and sounds (and smells) of one of the world’s most enduring fast food eateries is Nadine Baum, who’s been intensely loyal to her local McDonald’s franchise in Hanover, Pennsylvania. What Baum never expected, however, is that McDonald’s would love her back.

Of course, it’s not McDonald’s proper that loves Baum — because an anthropomorphic building that could feel sounds like the premise of a terrible movie based on a short story by Stephen King — but the employees at the Baltimore Street location. And to show Baum just how much they cared for her, they threw her a surprise party when she recently turned 100.

From The Evening Sun:

Nadine and her son, Mike Baum, have been going to this McDonald’s regularly for five or six years, said McDonald’s crew member Ginny Slaubaugh, who organized the surprise party.

Slaubaugh and her co-worker, Genevieve Steinbrenner, have come to know many customers by name, and of course, by their order. And after many years of seeing Nadine and Mike on a regular basis, they grew to become friends. In fact, Slaubaugh even calls Nadine “mom.”

And how do you reward that kind of dedication and commitment to french fries and quarter pounders with cheese? Well, if you want to see that person back in your store every day of the year, you give them a certificate for a lifetime of free food. Besides cake and well-wishes, the employees presented Baum with an official document entitling her to an entire lifetime (and with modern medicine being what it is, that could be at least another decade) of free food. How great would it be if Baum were playing the long con to get the most free food possible? How impressive would it be if she showed up tomorrow and ordered not one Bic Mac but ten to twenty (you know, for “later”)?

But, no: It seems like Baum — who wouldn’t even touch her cake before she ate her Big Mac is just delighted by all this love and attention:

“I don’t know what I did to deserve all this,” Baum said looking around, taking in her celebration. “I count my blessings every day.”

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