A Secret Menu Dessert Has McDonald’s Fans Very Hyped

06.09.17 10 months ago 3 Comments


Ordering off the regular menu is so pedestrian. If you’re a true fan of Starbucks, Chipotle, McDonald’s, or In-N-Out Burger you’ll pick your meal from the “secret menu.” Secret menu aficionados know all about “Animal Style” fries, Starbucks “Pink Drink” (which was recently added to the regular menu), and the “McGangBang.” But do you know about the McFlurry Sandwich? If you don’t, you better get on Twitter and check it out because it’s going to be the fast food “secret menu” dessert of the summer.

McDonald’s is well known as one of the big dogs in the fast food sandwich game. From the McGriddles, to the Big Mac, to the McRib, you can find any sandwich to suite your taste beneath the golden arches. But you couldn’t find an ice cream sandwich until one intrepid Ronald McDonald fan decided the time was right to unleash the McFlurry Sandwich on the world. Like a modern day Nikola Tesla, he decided to post his food invention to Twitter.

The idea is so simple you might be wondering why you never thought of it. It’s not even as elaborate as the aforementioned McGangBang. All you need is a McFlurry (the creator chose Oreo) and two McDonald’s chocolate chip cookies. Take the cookies and put as much of the magical ice cream treat as you wish between the two cookies. Promptly mush them together and enjoy. Bonus point if you get melted ice cream all over your shirt while you devour it.

The Twitter user named @nxthvniel took photos of his creation and added, “got ‘creative’ with my hunger today”. Proving once again that the internet loves crazy food items (remember the Unicorn Frappuccino?), the tweet exploded with almost 20,000 retweets and over 54,000 likes. (Later he can trade those likes in for validation points and we will agree it was a life well lived.)

It also go a lot of responses, including one sarcastic user who tweeted, “they been selling these at corner stores an grocery places for years,” along with a photo of ice cream cookie sandwiches. Another stated what we were all thinking, “I feel like you just discovered fire.” Yet another Twitter user summed up the whole phenomenon by tweeting, “Like, it’s really been right there in plain sight this whole time.”

Once presented with the idea, many fellow Twitter users felt the need to show off their versions.

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